Podere Forte - winery

Podere Forte is a winery and a farm started in 1997 without equal in Italy. Traditional and futuristic. Administrated according to both scientific criteria and biodynamic principles. Podere Forte extends for a total of 168 hectares in the township of Castiglione d’Orcia. 15 ha are planted with viyards 23 are olives groves 70 are forest the remaining parts are distributed between pastures, livestock where we elevate Cinta Senese pigs, Chianina cows and courtyard animals and gardens. Another 110 hectares of arable land are located in the town of San Quirco d’Orcia. Three are the wines produced at Podere Forte: Petrucci, Petruccino and Guardiavigna. Our philosophy: quality at any cost hand-in-hand with the total respect for the environment.