16 November 2018

The Orcia Wine Consortium carries on the promotion of its territory and its great wines
Dontatella Cinelli Colombini, President of the Consortium, states: “Our young denomination doesn’t need to go abroad to get exported, but professionals come here to discover it”

Making wine in a territory considered to be one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated in the world can mean opening the doors of your wineries. That’s what is happening in the Orcia Doc area where the Consortium is hosting a delegation of some the most important American wine bloggers and influencers who will discover the Orcia territory, its wine  and  its producers.

“Our denomination is young but it is ambitious and it has a unique and very advantageous feature: it doesn’t need to go abroad in order to export its wines because wine lovers come to its amazing production area from all over the world – Donatella Cinelli Colombini, President of the Consortium, states – and we strongly believe that the best way to promote our wines is meeting those who produce them and seeing their production area, not only an amazing set which often has been chosen for shooting international films but also an area where some of the most worldwide recognized food and wine specialities come from”.
The wine bloggers who will be discovering the Orcia Doc come from various parts of the USA and are specialized in wine tourism. They will visit wineries and cities of art, taste wines, have a soak in the local hot springs and they also will be involved in fun activities linked to pecorino cheese and white truffle hunting. “The digital world is a new  way to encourage wine tourism and the success of a denomination that defines itself as Orcia: the most beautiful wine in the world, focusing its deep wine blog top 20 usaconnection to this stunning region of origin” Donatella Cinelli Colombini ends. This activity is part of the wider OCM program ensuring continuity of a project which began a year ago that allowed 2 of the top 20 wine bloggers to discover Orcia Doc.


Orcia Doc: a denomination that is born in a Unesco World Heritage site.

The grapes used to produce Orcia wines are mainly cultivated in Val d’Orcia, a territory that Unesco recognized as a World Heritage site some years ago. Therefore, one of the central issues frequently valdorcia landscape incoming american journalistsbrought up by the Consortium and its producers is the safeguarding  of farming landscape, among the most beautiful in the world. Roughly 1.4 million tourists, among those 1 million are hikers, come to visit this area every year. There are many foreigners who own homes in Val d’Orcia, and not without reason,  65% of Orcia Doc wineries offer hospitality in their farmhouses or restaurants. Most of these accommodations are like outdoor museums, or “landscape museums” with unique and exquisite views.


Orcia Doc figures. Orcia DOC became official in February 2000 and its production area includes twelve municipalities to the south of Siena (Buonconvento, Castiglione d’Orcia, Pienza, Radicofani, San Quirico d’Orcia, Trequanda, as well as areas around Abbadia San Salvatore, Chianciano Terme, Montalcino, San Casciano dei Bagni, Sarteano e Torrita di Siena). The product regulations include: Orcia rosso (minimum 60% Sangiovese), and Orcia Sangiovese (minimum 90% Sangiovese). Both types can carry a “Riserva” mention in case of longer ageing in oak barrels and bottles, 24 months for Orcia Rosso and 30 months for Orcia Sangiovese. The denomination also produces other types: mappa area orciadocOrcia bianco, Orcia rosè and Vin Santo. To this date there are 153 hectares of vineyards but the total potential could be 400 hectares. The average production is roughly 240 thousand bottles which comes from 60 producers spread throughout the area. The Consortium  accounts for 40 of these wine makers and  since 2014 has been recognized with the Erga Omnes role and so it continues to promote and supervise all the Orcia Doc producers, even if they are not members. The Consortium is committed to promoting the denomination thanks to some activities online and offline like the signage in the area and the welcoming of journalists and buyers from all over the world. Some events organized by the consortium, like Orcia Wine Festival, have now become annual reference events.

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