Poggio al vento - organic farm

Poggio al vento cultivates grapes and olives from organic farming. Our vineyards are located on top of a hill of 500 meters, on soil rich in stone with a prevalence of marl. The grape is produced from Sangiovese, Foglia tonda , a native vine rediscovered a few years ago in Tuscan vineyards, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. These varieties have proven to be perfectly at home in this area, thanks to a climate optimal, hot-tempered, without excess or in the summer, where the heat is tempered by the richness of the forests, which iIt extends over much of the territory, or in winter, where the natural barrier formed by the Monte Amiata. It keeps the temperature at acceptable levels, in addition to limiting the excess rainfall which is mainly concentrated in the autumn. Also, the perfect ventilation promotes the avoidance of the phenomena of rot of grapes, because it can greatly limit the accumulation of moisture. In this way the vines manage to get a vegetative balance extreme, which leads him to concentrate aromas and extracts in an optimal manner. From this environment our Orcia doc red wines born.